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Are you interested in adaptive immunology and immunodeficiencies?

Dr. Eliisa Kekäläinen (Adj. professor, MD PhD) and her small research group are studying the adaptive immune system in different situations where some small or a larger part of the immune system is missing or working poorly (inborn or acquired immunodeficiencies). Dr. Kekäläinen’s group is a member of the Translational Immunology Research Program at University of Helsinki. We have a project that is focused on the ultimate treatment-related immunodeficiency, i.e. stem-cell transplantation, and we study how the adaptive immune system recuperates from it. We also study basic immunological mechanisms using rare congenital immunodeficiencies as models. We study only human immunology and aim to use cutting-edge technology to answer these complex research questions. For example, we are currently developing single-cell omics methods for simultaneous transcriptome and immunophenotype analysis.

Our group is small and just starting up, so every member in our group will be a key player. A perfect candidate would be proactive, independent, curious, and ambitious. Good English oral and writing skills are essential. Experience with flow-cytometry and/or transcriptomics are appreciated.

If you are interested, we have both master’s degree and PhD projects available. Please contact Dr. Eliisa Kekäläinen directly: eliisa.kekalainen@helsinki.fi