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Postdoctoral researcher/doctoral candidate/project researcher to study immunoregulation in Molecular Systems Immunology Group


Our international multidisciplinary research group led by Professor Riitta Lahesmaa is based at Turku Bioscience Centre, BioCity Turku, Finland.  We are seeking for a motivated postdoctoral researcher, doctoral researcher or a project researcher with possibility to continue as a doctoral researcher.


Disorders in immune system and lymphocyte function lead to inflammatory diseases e.g. rheumatoid arthritis and Type 1 Diabetes. Project will focus on studying the molecular mechanisms underlying immune mediated diseases aiming at enabling individualized treatment in the future.


Description of the project


T cells orchestrate the immune system and T-cell subsets with distinct cytokine secretion profiles and distinct functions play a crucial role in immune defence in healthy individuals. The project aims at studying our newly discovered novel factors and epigenetic mechanisms that control human T-cell functions and immune mediated diseases. We combine state-of-the-art computational methods, CRISPR-Cas9, cutting-edge genome wide experimental approaches and unique human biobanks to achieve the goals. We expect the results to provide new insights into disease pathogenesis and reveal new contributors of modulation of immune response.


Successful candidates have:


  • A relevant master’s degree e.g. in life sciences or in biomedicine
  • High level of motivation, self-initiative and independency
  • Excellent team work and communication skills in English (both oral and written)
  • First-rate molecular and cell biology knowledge and skills with a strong background in epigenetics.
  • Strong publication record in international journals (postdoctoral researcher) at least in one of the following areas: immunology, molecular and cellular biology, autoimmunity, genetics, epigenetics.




The salary is determined by the collective agreement system of Finnish universities. These positions belong to our research personnel and the salary will be as follows:  a Postdoctoral Researcher 3348-3622 eur/month in average and a Doctoral Candidate/Project Researcher 2319-2709 eur/month in average.


The position starts as agreed when a suitable candidate has been identified. The positions are initially for two years, with a possibility for an extension. There is a trial period of six months.


The deadline for applications is August 16th, 2022 (23:59) A link to the electronic application system can be found from the following link: https://www.utu.fi/en/university/come-work-with-us/open-vacancies


Please include a CV, full publication list, list of selected publications and contact information for three references in your application.


For further information  please contact: Prof. Riitta Lahesmaa, e-mail: riitta.lahesmaa (at)utu.fi .