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PhD student position


Eliisa Kekäläinen runs a research group at the Translational Immunology Research Program at University of Helsinki. Her research group is interested in human adative immune system an especially in acquired and inborn immunodeficiencies. We are now initiating a project that aims to understand how and why lymphopenia develops in certain viral diseases, especially COVID-19, and how the immune systems recovers from it. We also try to understand what kind of long-term effects failures in the immune reconstitution after viral infections might have on individuals. Eliisa’s interview on the topic can be found here (in Finnish):https://laaketieteensaatio.fi/11862-2/


We are now looking for a motivated and dedicated PhD student to take ownership of this project. Applicants should have a master’s degree (or a nearly finished one) in a suitable field (cell biology, microbiology, molecular biology, etc.) and open and curious mind. We value people that are independent, work well in a team, communicate, take on bold challenges, and are not afraid to ask stupid questions. Experience in flow cytometry, cell culture (especially working in a BSL3 lab!), immunohistochemistry, and/or transcriptomics would be beneficial but this is immunology, not rocket science so everything can be learned with the right mindset. Viruses are a central part of this project and we work closely with virologists and clinicians.


We offer a 2-year contract (with a possibility for an extension) and a salary based on the University of Helsinki salary system.  If you’re interested, please send your application and CV to Eliisa (eliisa.kekalainen@helsinki.fi) before the end of year 2020. 
Lab Kekäläinen:https://www.helsinki.fi/en/researchgroups/inborn-and-acquired-immunodeficiencies